What We Do

The Institute conducts research on a number of key topics including:

  • Determining Success Factors in North American Pedestrian-Oriented Streets
  • Defining Best Practices in North American Public Transportation Integration
  • Transforming downtowns, central cities, and suburbs into sustainable communities
  • Retrofitting Suburban Office Parks to Become Mixed-Use Communities
  • Defining the transportation Factors in Successful Placemaking
  • Creating viable, sustainable transportation choices for individuals and communities
  • Designing blueprints for the transformation of transportation and land use in communities
  • Fostering creation of “complete streets” which accommodate all modes of transport safely and effectively
  • Illuminating the purposes and benefits of various forms of public transportation
  • Advancing understanding of the important role of traffic calming in improving travel safety
  • Educating stakeholders on the importance of sustainable communities in improving public health
  • Enlightening communities and the general public on the link between transportation choices and air quality and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Informing communities about the advantages of high quality urban design, including the design of streetscapes
  • Highlighting the benefits from transportation demand management (TDM) efforts at work sites and within communities

Webinars and Presentations

  • DeRobertis, Michelle. “Global Inspiration for U.S. Urban Transport Innovation”. Presented at the Twelfth Global Studies Conference. Krakow, Poland. June 27, 2019.
  • DeRobertis, Michelle, Richard Lee and Bhanu Kala. “Evaluating Public Transit for a Regional Attractor”. Webinar for the Florida Department of Transportation. March 22, 2017.
  • DeRobertis, Michelle. “Transportation Studies in the 21st Century”. Presented at ProWalk /ProBike /ProPlace Conference in Pittsburgh PA. September, 2014.
  • DeRobertis, Michelle. “Transit Coordination (not Consolidation): Example of the Stuttgart Germany Region”. Presented at Seamless Transit forum sponsored by SPUR, San Francisco, July 16, 2014.

    Papers and Publications

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