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Italy’s Traffic-Restricted Zones published in ITE Journal


Entering the ZTL portion of Piazza Vittorio Veneto in Torino, where LRT is also permitted.

Transportation Choices Principal Michelle DeRobertis has just published an article in the ITE Journal  (December 2016) about Italy’s traffic-limited zones, or ZTL in Italian.  Entitled Traffic-Restricted Zones in Italy: The Most Widespread Traffic Control Strategy You’ve Never Heard Of,  the paper describes the distinctly Italian practice of prohibiting all but residents (and taxis and a few other special categories of vehicles) from driving within historic city centers. They are present in Italian towns with populations ranging from 2,300 to Rome, with 2.3 million. The evolution and implementation of over 270 ZTL since the 1980′s inspired Michelle to enroll in a Ph.D...

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