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Keynote Address to Urban Design Conference

Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities Principal Dr. Joseph Kott gave the transportation keynote address at the 11th Annual North Carolina State University Urban Design Conference in Raleigh on March 7th. The title of this year’s conference was “Density in Place: Design Works.” Joe’s talk was entitled “Transforming Streets, Transforming Freeways: The Emerging Transportation System in America’s Communities and Metro Areas “.  Dr. Kott called the movement to create sustainable, multi-modal, context sensitive roadways “the next new frontier for sustainable cities and sustainable transportation”. Joe observed that “America is beginning to reverse the decades-long journey to automobile dependence described so well by Clay McShane in his brilliant book, ‘Down the Asphalt Path’...

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From Complete Streets to Complete Freeways

Joseph Kott, PhD, AICP, PTP

Principal and Vice President, Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities Research and Policy Institute

The “complete streets” movement has made sustainable transportation a tangible goal in many of America’s cities and towns. Streets are no longer seen as reserved for cars only or mostly, but as both links and places for people, venues for multimodal transportation. Yet the most visible of all the symbols of urban transport and automobile dependence, the urban freeway, remains the domain of the private motor vehicle.  In 2011, there were 477 billion motor vehicle miles driven on America’s urban freeways.[1] While the approximately 93,000 lane mile of urban freeways represent less that 4% of the nation’s roadway miles, these highways carry near...

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