San Francisco Modal Equity Study

SF ModalEquityStudy-Final

Appendices-ModalEquity Study

We are pleased to present our report  “San Francisco Modal Equity Study” which
compares the existing mode splits in San Francisco with how much roadway
space is dedicated to each mode and also evaluates the maintenance costs
by revenue source.

Among other findings:

  • Parking lanes in San Francisco constitute 15 % of the paved roadway area, representing a real estate value of between $8 and $35 billion.
  • Parking  in San Francisco total 902 miles;  6 times the length of all the bike lanes (143).
  • 75% of all bike lane miles were built since 2000;
  • Bicycling constitutes 4% of the mode split but only 1.4 % of the roadway space is dedicated to bicycle lanes
  • There are 36 lane miles of dedicated transit lanes vs 211 lanes miles of freeway lanes
  • General tax revenues  pay 75 % of roadway maintenance in San Francisco, not user fees.
  • The federal gas tax, in inflation-adjusted dollars, is at its lowest point since 1983, when it was doubled under the Reagan administration.

We invite you to read our other conclusions which are summarized in Chapter 6.