Master Class in Planning for Green and Livable Cities Through Reduced Automobile Dependence

This course is being taught by Jeff Kenworthy, an Emeritus Professor at Curtin University, Australia and a Guest Professor in Sustainable Cities, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

A comprehensive course for those who are working with city planning or traffic planning on a strategic or practical level in municipalities, regions, public transport authorities, administrations or consultancies.

Learn from cities all around the world how to reduce dependence on the car and create a more sustainable, green and livable urban environment,

The course will run June 14 to 24, Monday to Thursday over a two-week period from 13:00 (1.00 pm) to 17:00 (5.00 pm) Central European Time.

For more information, visit: for the course and information about the e-book included in the course fee.