Joseph Kott, RIP

We at Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities are deeply saddened to announce that our co-founder, vice chair, and exceptional friend, Dr. Joseph Kott, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on February 14 of heart failure. This has come as a shock to all of us as he was in good health and had a zest for life and for helping others that was contagious.
Joe initially conceived of the idea of founding this nonprofit¬† organization to conduct needed studies in sustainable transportation that were not being addressed in typical RFPs and research. He recruited each of TCSC’s principals individually, and indeed, most of the Board. He was TCSC’s most ardent supporter, and its most important leader – in large measure, he was the glue that bound us together. Over the coming days and weeks, we will be planning how best to go forward with him in spirit only, as we know he would want. We would like to do something ongoing in his memory and welcome suggestions from all who knew Joe and his work.

Accolades and memorials for Joe have been received, literally from around the globe. The attached link to Stanford University’s remembrance is typical of the many tributes posted in Joe’s honor by his many professional connections and colleagues: