Fun facts about Bay Area Transit- why can’t we get around?

Of the 8 regional transit operators in California, 6 of the 8 are in the SF Bay Area (not counting ferry operators or Capitol Corridor).
One conclusion is that the regional transit structure in the Bay Area is the unusual and is part of the problem in getting around the Bay Area.

In the Bay Area

1. San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District  (HR)

2. North County Transit District (CR – San Diego Coaster)  

3. Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board  (CR – Caltrain)

4. Altamont Corridor Express (CR -ACE)

5. Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District (CR- SMART)

6. Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transp. District (CB)

Not in the Bay Area

1. Southern California Regional Rail Authority (CR – Metrolink)      

 2. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (HR)


HR-Heavy Rail (i.e. metro / subway/ grade separated rail transit)

CR-Commuter rail (may have at-grade rail crossings as well as grade separated)

CB-Intercounty bus agency

Source: National Transit Database, 2019