Doug Kolozsvari

Doug Kolozsvari PhD

DougKolozsvari Doug Kolozsvari has spent the better part of his career on transportation issues, including ways that individuals and groups can effectuate positive change in this sector. He received his Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Michigan and also holds a Master’s in Urban Planning from UCLA. A recognized expert on parking, his Master’s thesis explained how a citizen and business group worked to improve services and infrastructure in their neighborhood using dedicated parking meter revenue.

His doctoral dissertation looked closely at the attributes and actions that can make civil society organizations successful in sub-Saharan Africa’s transport sector. As a professional transportation planner and consultant, he has worked with public sector actors and NGOs of all sizes while tackling issues related to air quality, climate change, community development, deforestation, energy, food security, and especially transportation. Doug also recently co-founded Kulea Games, which specializes in making mobile games for the nonprofit sector.

In his spare time, Doug enjoys walking his dog and playing epic games of tag with his eldest daughter. Living in Lyon, France has agreed with both his love of French pastries and the ability to live car-free. He and his wife, Marion, have recently celebrated the birth of another little girl who will soon join the morning ritual of seeking out fresh bread in the morning.