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Holiday Greetings from Transportation Choices

2015 TCSC Holiday Card.12.15

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Status of the ITE Committee in the June ITE Journal

Transportation Choices Principal Michelle DeRobertis started a committee of the Institute of Transportation Engineers in spring of 2014 to conduct a State of the Practice review of how cities and other agencies across the U.S. and Canada are considering Public Transit in traffic impact studies.

A status of the committee work to day was recently published in the ITE Journal in June 2015.

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ITE CommitteeStatus-ITEJournal-June 2015


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On the Folly of Adding to Freeway Capacity

Transportation Choices Principal Dr. Joe Kott was interviewed recently for SF Streetsblog on a controversial proposal to add freeway capacity for cars on Highway 101 south of San Francisco in  suburban San Mateo County. The highway widening solution has a marked tendency to feed on itself, as Dr. Kott points out, in that after a great expenditure to “solve” traffic congestion it almost invariably leads to the appearance of even more cars. In turn this results in more car dependence and more auto traffic congestion, hence pressure for more highway widening!
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Richard W. Lee on Transportation Choices Board

Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities Research and Policy Institute is pleased to announce Dr. Richard W. Lee’s election to the Board of Directors. Dr. Lee is a certified planner, transportation consultant and academic with a longstanding and wide-ranging interest in sustainable transport and human-scale cities. He has over 30 years of diverse experience in transportation and urban planning. His fundamental career aim is to integrate the best academic research into the practice of transportation planning. He holds a Ph.D. in City & Regional Planning as well as master’s degrees in both city planning and civil engineering from the University of California (UC), Berkeley, and a BA (History) from Carleton College...

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The Emergence of Sustainable Transportation

Transportation Choices Principal Dr. Joseph Kott spoke about “The Emergence of Sustainable Transportation in America’s Communities” on April 30, 2015 at the 2015 Sustainable Enterprise Conference in Rohnert Park, CA.  Dr. Kott illustrated the variety and creativity of efforts to reduce automobile dependence in communities as diverse at New York City, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Portland, Oregon.

SEC Presentation.04.30.2015

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Transportation Choices 2014 Annual Report

Transportation Choices 2014 Annual Report

Dear Friends and Supporters of Transportation Choices,

Transportation Choices has had a successful year, one that included our being designated by the IRS as a 501c3 nonprofit for tax purposes. During the year conducted an important study of modal equity in San Francisco, co-authored an ITE Journal article on the need to make traffic impact studies truly multimodal, obtained a grant to support the distinguished journal, World Transport Policy and Practice, and made many presentations on sustainable transportation topics. These and other activities are highlighted in our 2014 Annual Report.

Please consider Transportation Choices in your end of year giving plans...
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Talk on Reforming Traffic Impact Analysis

Sandwich Symposium on Sustainable Transportation


Leveling the Playing Field for Sustainable Transportation: Reforming Traffic Impact Analysis to Support Mode Choice and Environmental Quality


Michelle DeRobertis, PE

Principal, Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities Research and Policy Institute


Noon – 1 PM, Friday, December 5, 2014


436 14th St.

Oakland, CA 94612

The Sandwich Symposium on Sustainable Transportation is co-sponsored by Transform and Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities Research and Policy Institute. For more information, visit and


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UC Berkeley Appointments

Transportation Choices Principals Dr. Richard W. Lee and Dr. Joseph Kott have been appointed to  the Multimodal Technical Advisory Committee for the Technology Transfer Program at UC Berkeley’s Institute of Transportation Studies.

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San Francisco Modal Equity Study

SF ModalEquityStudy-Final

Appendices-ModalEquity Study

We are pleased to present our report  “San Francisco Modal Equity Study” which
compares the existing mode splits in San Francisco with how much roadway
space is dedicated to each mode and also evaluates the maintenance costs
by revenue source.

Among other findings:

  • Parking lanes in San Francisco constitute 15 % of the paved roadway area, representing a real estate value of between $8 and $35 billion.
  • Parking  in San Francisco total 902 miles;  6 times the length of all the bike lanes (143).
  • 75% of all bike lane miles were built since 2000;
  • Bicycling constitutes 4% of the mode split but only 1.4 % of the roadway space is dedicated to bicycle lanes
  • There are 36 lane miles of dedicated transit lanes vs 211 lanes miles of freeway lanes
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Helen & William Mazer Foundation Grant

Transportation Choices has been awarded a grant from the Helen & William Mazer Foundation in the amount of £5,000 per year for three years. These funds will be passed through to the journal World Transport Policy & Practice to assist in their desktop publication expenses. World Transport Policy and Practice will acknowledge the support of Transportation Choices in each issue and provide space to promote any Transportation Choices workshop, symposium, or other activity.

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