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MTI webinar on Transit Research- July 30, 2020

Join us for this free half-hour webinar on July 30 at 10:00 AM, sponsored by MTI as San José State University. Register at Michelle DeRobertis will briefly present findings from this research which focussed on ten metropolitan areas in Europe, Canada and Australia with highly effective regional transit systems.

Each area was evaluated to identify commonalities that could contribute to their high public transit usage. This research focused on key characteristics from the perspective of the metropolitan area transit as a system, not the individual transit operators...

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Update on the Green Streets Symposium

Dear Friends,
Please note that the planned Symposium on Green Streets for Sustainable Communities Symposium, originally planned as an in-person day-long symposium in March 2020, has been transformed to a multi-day event for the fall.

We have decided to transform the in-person format to a series of three, connected interactive, information-rich three-hour sessions. Our streets are a crucial community resource, now more than ever. We hope that you will reserve the time and join for all three sessions.

Each day will begin at 8:30 am with an informal & optional networking time.
Each program will begin at 9 am and conclude by 12 noon.
Day 1 – Vision and Economics (Thursday, September 10, 2020)
Day 2 – Case Studies (Friday, September 25, 2020)
Day 3 – Funding Strategies (Thursday,&...

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WTPP Special Issue Honoring Joseph Kott

Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities is pleased to announce the latest  issue of World Transport Policy and Practice (WTPP Issue 26.1) is now available at

This is a special issue to celebrate the work of Joe Kott, our main co-founder who died in February 2019. It highlights his career which made valuable contributions to sustainable transport and liveable streets. All of  the articles are thought-provoking and were either written by Joe or reflect Joe’s influence directly or indirectly, ranging from Pedestrian Streets and Green Streets  to Cars and Cities and the Freedom to Drive.

A few words about Dr. Joe Kott from our Board President:

I was fortunate to be on the Palo Alto City Council ...

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ITE Webinar on Multimodal Transportation Assessment.

Michelle DeRobertis will be moderator for the ITE webinar “Innovative Approaches to Multimodal Transportation Assessments”.
It will take place November 21, 2019 at noon Pacific time.
It will feature speakers from Washington DC DOT and San Francisco Planning Department.
Registration is available at this link:

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Presentation at the Global Studies Conference, Krakow Poland

On June 27 2019 Michelle DeRobertis gave a presentation at the Twelfth Global Studies Conference, held in Krakow, Poland. Her presentation was based on the abstract submitted by TCSC founder Joseph Kott, prior to his untimely death last February. His abstract was entitled:
Global Inspiration for US Urban Transport Innovation.

Joe’s vision was to present to the multidisciplinary conference how the global exchange of ideas has improved U.S. transportation and furthermore, such information exchanges are important to continue. His abstract is presented below.


Since the era of urban transport reform and focus on more sustainable
mobility in America began in earnest in the early 1990s, Americans have
looked abroad for inspiration. Americans have studied, then eventually
implemented, bi...

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Joseph Kott, RIP

We at Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities are deeply saddened to announce that our co-founder, vice chair, and exceptional friend, Dr. Joseph Kott, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on February 14 of heart failure. This has come as a shock to all of us as he was in good health and had a zest for life and for helping others that was contagious.
Joe initially conceived of the idea of founding this nonprofit  organization to conduct needed studies in sustainable transportation that were not being addressed in typical RFPs and research. He recruited each of TCSC’s principals individually, and indeed, most of the Board. He was TCSC’s most ardent supporter, and its most important leader – in large measure, he was the glue that bound us together...
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New Transportation Choices Board Member & Executive Director

 Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities Research and Policy Institute, a 501c3 corporation, is delighted to announce the election yesterday of Meghna Tare to our Board of Directors and the appointment of Dr. Chris Ferrell as Executive Director.

Ms. Tare is Executive Director of the Institute for Sustainability and Global Impact at the University of Texas at Arlington and an experienced executive in public policy for sustainability in the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area. She holds three master’s degrees,  in chemistry from the University of San Francisco, environmental studies from San Jose State University, and sustainable business management from Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco...

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Changelab Solutions Grant

On September 27, 2013 California’s governor signed SB 743 into law, in part mandating the transition from a level of service (LOS)-based to a vehicle-miles traveled (VMT)-based transportation impact analysis for environmental impact review in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities (Consultant) has been hired by Changelab Solutions (Client) to perform a case study analysis of the ongoing efforts underway at a variety of local governments to comply with this change in the law...

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Tragedy of the Commons revisited from a transportation perspective.

The following paper was published in the June 2017 issue of the  Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Journal.



The convergence of many issues makes it timely to reassess the role of the urban arterial: environmental concerns, climate change, complete streets, sustainability, urban livability indices, and indeed less per capita driving. While some might say technology will save us, this paper purports that something more fundamental needs to change.




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Italy’s Traffic-Restricted Zones published in ITE Journal


Entering the ZTL portion of Piazza Vittorio Veneto in Torino, where LRT is also permitted.

Transportation Choices Principal Michelle DeRobertis has just published an article in the ITE Journal  (December 2016) about Italy’s traffic-limited zones, or ZTL in Italian.  Entitled Traffic-Restricted Zones in Italy: The Most Widespread Traffic Control Strategy You’ve Never Heard Of,  the paper describes the distinctly Italian practice of prohibiting all but residents (and taxis and a few other special categories of vehicles) from driving within historic city centers. They are present in Italian towns with populations ranging from 2,300 to Rome, with 2.3 million. The evolution and implementation of over 270 ZTL since the 1980’s inspired Michelle to enroll in a Ph.D...

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